Jane Yook

Research Project Title: The role of attention in predictive visual motion processing

Research Project Summary: Neural transmission in the brain causes processing delays. This is problematic when visually localizing moving objects, One way the brain might compensate for such delays is through prediction. This project will combine psychophysics, time-resolved EEG decoding, and functional MRI approaches to study predictive mechanisms in the human visual cortex. Specifically, it will investigate how visual attention might interact with such mechanisms. This will allow us to elucidate whether attention is necessary for prediction, and at what levels of processing attention might mediate predictive visual motion processing.

Project Duration: 2019-2023

Supervisors: The University of Melbourne: Dr. Hinze Hogendoorn / Forschungszentrum Jülich: Prof. Dr. Simone Vossel and Prof. Dr. Ralph Weidner

GR Student Profile: I have always been fascinated by the complexity of the brain as an undergraduate — after completing my BA degree in Psychology at the University of Melbourne and honours degree at the Australian National University, I joined Stefan and Hinze’s labs as a research assistant. During my time in the Decision Neuroscience Lab and the Time in Brain and Behavior Lab, I enjoyed uncovering important questions about our everyday experiences, such as interacting with our dynamic environments, with elegant EEG experiments, and ultimately I was able to foster this interest into a PhD!