Seongkyun Kim

Analysis and forecasting of soil water storage for rain-fed agriculture

Soil water is a critical resource in many agricultural systems. Climate variability represents a significant risk in these systems, which has been addressed in the past through seasonal weather outlooks. A pilot assessment of the potential to extend season weather outlooks to plant available soil water (PASW) has shown promising results with soil water being more forecastable than rainfall. We aim to forecast crop yield using improved PDSW outlook through data assimilation of crop model and remote sensing data. The forecasting methods will involve integration of crop models with meteorological observations and seasonal weather forecasts. The project will utilise information from field measurement network data from both Australia and Europe in testing the methods developed.

Project Duration: 2018-2022

Supervisors: The University of Melbourne: Prof Andrew Western , Assoc Prof Dongryeol Ryu / Forschungszentrum Jülich: Dr Heye Bogena Prof Dr Harrie-Jan Hendricks

Home University: The University of Melbourne

Partner University: RWTH Aachen University

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